Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goddess Girls 8: Medusa the Mean in progress

Goddess Girls 8: Medusa the Mean will hit stores in April 2012. Before that comes Goddess Girls 7: Artemis the Loyal this December 6, 2011. But Suzanne and I are hard at work on Medusa's book at the moment.  
This is the GG8 CEM. After we finish writing each GG book, our Aladdin editor reviews it for content issues, and we make changes. Then it goes to a copy editor who mostly looks for mistakes in grammar and punctuation, but she also asks questions if something doesn't make sense to her. We just got the CEM of GG8. CEM stands for Copy Edited Manuscript. GG8 stands for Goddess Girls 8: Medusa the Mean. Today, Suzanne and I are going over the CEM. 
Next we'll see typeset galleys, which we'll review. We won't get our actual bound books until 1 to 3 weeks before the book hits stores. They will look like this:
Isn't Glen Hanson's cover art gorgeous. I love all the green, and Medusa's expression is spot-on for her personality. Can you guess who the guy on the right is?


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

I love the cover!! I can't wait to read the book, I hope you and Suzanne are enjoying writing it :) I'm not sure about the boy, but is that Hera?

Joan Holub said...

Spot on, Carrie! Yes, that's Hera. Her hair is blond in the final. This book is one of my favorites. Very fun writing an inside look at Medusa--her social problems and her dreams--and how she came to be a meanie.

Jess Day said...

Hmmm could the boy be Dionysis? I'm guessing cuz of the grapes, he is the God of wine.

Joan Holub said...

Hi Jess,

Good guess, and yes! I figured the grapes would be a giveaway. They're easier to see in the full-size cover. His animal attribute is the leopard, hence the faux leopard skin.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

~ Joan

apollos daughter said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH im so excited good job with dionysus i could tell be the leapord are you going to make another one about persephone i love the love story

Joan Holub said...

Hi apollos daughter, yes, another Persephone book is in the works. I love that you knew Dionysus is associated with the leopard! xox

Britta Rivera Photography said...

I just won Artemis The Loyal and would looooooooooove to win Medusa The Mean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just looooooooooove your books and have books1-7.Your books are the best!!!!!:). -Isabella Rivera