Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mythology for Preschoolers: Brush Your Hair, Medusa! Make A Wish, Midas! 
Celebrating the release of two board books in the Mini Myths series today. Mini Myths bring Greek mythology to preschoolers by using real-world toddler experiences to retell each myth (includes a short summary of the original myth at the end.) Leslie Patricelli's illustrations are so cute!

Play Nice, Hercules! is a kindle monthly deal 
on Amazon for $1.99 through March 31.

Author: Joan Holub
Illustrator: Leslie Patricelli
Abrams Appleseed, March 2015

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Unknown said...

We LOVE the Mini Myths series in our house! My daughter was so excited to get Midas and Medusa for her birthday.

I posted a review of the 4 current Mini Myths titles on my blog here.

We can't wait for the next books!

Orie @ Let's Take A Shelfie.