Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last few days to win Athena the Brain / Persephone the Phony, the first books in the Goddess Girls series by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

Co-authors Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams are celebrating the release of the first two books in their new Goddess Girls series with five fab days of interviews, guest blogs, and book giveaways, April 4 – April 8. We hope you’ll drop by to help us celebrate, join the fun, meet some of our favorite bloggers, and maybe win a book along the way!

About the books:

Join the class at Mount Olympus Academy with Goddess Girls, a new series that puts a modern spin on classic Greek myths!

by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams (Aladdin paperbacks) Ages 8 - 12

Athena the Brain (April 6, 2010) ISBN: 978-1416982715

Finding out she’s a goddess and being sent to Mount Olympus brings Athena new friends, a weird dad, and the meanest girl in mythology—Medusa!

Persephone the Phony (April 6, 2010) ISBN: 978-1416982722

Hiding her feelings works fine for Persephone until she meets a guy she can be herself with—Hades, the bad-boy of the Underworld.

Aphrodite the Beauty (August 3, 2010) ISBN: 978-1416982739

Sure Aphrodite is beautiful, but it’s not always easy being the goddessgirl of love.

Artemis the Brave (December 7, 2010) ISBN: 978-1416982746

She may be the goddess of the hunt, but that doesn’t mean Artemis always feels brave.

Five-Day Goddess Girls Tour Line-up

Enter at these blogs for a chance to win the books!

April 4: Bookmuncher (Interview and book giveaway;

April 5: Readertotz, Suzanne’s Place, Joan Holub Author of Books for Children (,,; Expanded interview with the Goddess Girl team at Aladdin: editor Emily Lawrence, book designer Karin Paprocki, and cover artist Glen Hanson. Have you ever wondered why an editor decides to acquire a series? Here’s one editor’s take.)

April 6: Cynsations (Guest blog and book giveaway; Learn how we came to write the series, challenges we faced and how we solved them.)

April 7: Little Willow (Interview and book giveaway; We reveal more about our collaboration and inspirations, and our favorite books of all time.) Winner has been chosen.

April 8: Zoe’s Book Reviews (Q&A and book giveaway. Q&A with both of us authors, our editor, book designer, cover artist, and Zoe herself!)

We look forward to seeing you!

Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

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